Independent Software Vendors

SaaS-ify Windows Applications Without Rewrites

Using GO-Global®, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can deliver their Windows® applications to users on demand, from a public, private, or hybrid cloud, without costly and lengthy rewrites and no loss of features and functions. Users can access and use those Windows applications on any device with a web browser, including PCs, Macs, and Android™ devices.

Utilizing GO-Global’s SDK, ISVs can seamlessly integrate GO-Global’s secure, multi-user, remote access functionality into Windows applications, and replace GO-Global visual elements in the user interface with their own logo, name, and images to reinforce their brand.

Reduce Helpdesk Calls.

Automatic Reconnect

Reconnects users after network disruptions.

Low Bandwidth?

Users with low bandwidth still get great performance.

Familiar User Experience

Published apps behave like native apps.

Ensure a Great End-User Experience.

Print From Anywhere

GraphOn’s Universal Printer Driver makes printing easy.

Multiple Displays

View GO-Global-delivered apps on multiple displays.

Session Shadowing

Connect to user sessions for training and assistance.

Customize Windows Applications.

GO-Global Integration

Add remote access functions to your Windows app.

For Mobile Users

Create custom toolbars and buttons for mobile devices.

Add Your Brand

Replace the GO-Global-branded UI with your brand.

Cut Costs and Technology Overhead.

Save at Least 40%

Reduce Microsoft RDS app delivery costs.

Save Up To 70%

Cut Citrix and VMware Horizon deployment costs.

Reduce Complexity

Use your cloud service’s existing infrastructure.

Maximize Server Resources.

Prevent Host Overload

Integrated load balancing distributes workloads.

Real-Time Host Monitoring

Control clients, processes, user logout and shutdown.

Session Management

Control session connection, length and more.

Ensure Data Security and Customer Privacy.

Strong Encryption

TLS-based transport with high encryption is standard.

2-Factor Authentication

Extra protection for vulnerable remote desktops.

Propriety Protocol

Closed source RapidX Protocol for connectivity.