Do You Really Need RDS?

Publish Windows Applications Without RDS

Are you tired of dealing with the complexity and cost of using Microsoft© Remote Desktop Services to deliver Windows© applications? Are Remote Desktop Protocol security vulnerabilities exposing your company to increased risk?

You can deliver Windows applications and reduce cost, complexity, and risk.

GO-Global fully replaces Microsoft’s multi-session functionality and its Remote Desktop clients, display driver, protocol, internet gateway, and management tools, lowering IT costs and time spent managing application access. And GO-Global’s closed-source connectivity protocol and multi-layered security system ensures data security and customer privacy.

Less Infrastructure. Fewer Headaches.

Integrated Load Balancing

Prevents hosts from overloading.

Lower App Publishing Costs

Save up to 40% over implementations using RDS.

Centrally Manage Hosts and Sessions

Supports 3rd party load balancers.

Always Windows-Compatible.

We Know Windows

Built using decades of internal Windows expertise.

Relentless Focus

Continually updated for current Windows versions.

Compatibility Assurance

Defers Windows Updates until compatibility is verified.

More Secure than RDS.

Proprietary Protocol

Closed-source connectivity protocol for more defense.

2-Factor Authentication

Built-in, to stop brute force and dictionary attacks.

OpenID® Support

Authenticate users with your corporate SSO solution.

Delivers User and IT Happiness.

Bandwidth Challenges

RapidX Protocol delivers, even over low bandwidth.

Automatic Reconnect

Reduce helpdesk calls after temporary network cutoffs.

Familiar User Experience

Published apps behave like local apps.