Do You Really Need VDI?

Use GO-Global for Windows Application Publishing

Do you have a distributed work force that needs Windows® applications to do their jobs? Are you an ISV that wants to deliver your Windows application to customers using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model? Are you an MSP that needs to deliver Windows applications to your business customers?

Why publish a full VDI desktop if all you need to deliver are Windows applications? GO-Global publishes Windows apps from any cloud to anyone, anywhere, using any device with a browser, for far less investment.

With GO-Global, Less is More.

Less Money

Up to 70% less than VDI solutions.

Less Time

Install and configure in minutes.

Less Bandwidth

Great performance over low bandwidth.

SaaS-ify Windows Apps Fast.

Skip Code Rewrites

Avoid expensive, time consuming rewrites.

Retain Every Feature

Deliver the app your users know and love.

Cut Helpdesk Calls

User-friendly features boost productivity.

Efficient, Economical App Delivery.

Erase Performance Barriers

Optimized to use the lowest possible bandwidth.

Full Functionality for Less

Uses existing cloud infrastructure & features.

Do It Yourself

Avoid high-priced consulting and installation costs.

Multi-Layered Security Reduces Risk.

Strong Encryption

TLS-based transport with high encryption is standard.

2-Factor Authentication

Extra protection for vulnerable remote desktops.

Single Sign-On Support

Secure Windows apps with your current SSO solution.