Multi-Layer Security

Reduce risk and protect critical data with GO-Global

Maintaining corporate and customer data integrity is an ongoing challenge for every organization. Regulatory requirements for system access controls increase that challenge. Now, the explosion of public and private corporate cloud infrastructure has created more opportunities for bad actors to compromise corporate data housed in the cloud.

GO-Global leverages the best available security technologies to deliver a multi-layer security system that ensures data security and customer privacy—including innovations only available with GO-Global.

Default to Increased Security.

Proprietary Protocol

Closed source RapidX Protocol for connectivity.

Application Sandboxing

Restrict access to files and programs on the host.

Reduce Endpoint Risk

Restrict client capabilities like printing and clipboard.

SSO for Windows Applications.

OpenID® Support

Works with most identity providers to enable SSO.

Improve User Experience

Sign in once to access all apps published by GO-Global.

Stay Secure and Save

Enables SSO at a price point that works for everyone.

Security Features Not Found in RDS.

Strong Encryption

TLS-based transport with high encryption is standard.

2-Factor Authentication

Extra protection for vulnerable remote desktops.

Lock Down Applications

Tightly restrict application process behavior.