Product Support

GraphOn is committed to providing customers with responsive service, a great user experience, and the latest features and performance enhancements. GraphOn Support (“Support”) for GO-Global includes technical support, license support, and software maintenance.

Support shall continue in full force and effect for as long as the customer is entitled to license the Software per the Terms and Conditions of the License Agreement; and provided that the customer has paid all applicable fees per the Terms and Conditions of the License Agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, Support is included for the initial one-year term for perpetual licenses, and included for the duration of the term for subscription licenses. Support shall continue for as long as the software is supported by GraphOn, according to the schedule outlined in the GO-Global Support Phases and Release History document.

Scope of Technical Support

GraphOn technical support is provided on a best commercial effort basis via email or web-based utilities. It generally includes the following:

  • Access to software downloads, product documentation, and online resources. Each Software release is delivered with an Administrator Guide and other documentation. Documentation is also available on GraphOn’s customer portal.
  • Product installation and configuration assistance. GraphOn support engineers will assist customers who are experiencing installation difficulties. They will provide recommendations and guidance on how to configure GO-Global, and will provide suggestions for maximum performance, flexibility, and security.
  • Issue troubleshooting. Support engineers will help troubleshoot issues and will provide solutions when they are available.
  • Support voicemail. In most cases, GraphOn support is accomplished via email and online access. For urgent matters, call +1.603.225.3525 and press 3 for Support. This extension is unattended, but messages are monitored by the support team. Leaving a support voicemail is not a replacement for normal support case correspondence, and should only be used if urgent attention is needed on a case. Support voicemail does not obligate GraphOn to provide support outside normal support hours, but GraphOn will make best efforts to respond to escalated cases outside of normal support hours.

Licenses Purchased Directly from GraphOn

For licenses purchased directly from GraphOn, customers obtain support by initiating a support case with GraphOn. To open a support case, follow the Support Case Request document available on the GraphOn portal.

Licenses Purchased Through a Partner

For licenses purchased through one of GraphOn’s authorized partners, unless otherwise agreed, customers will initiate support requests through the authorized partner. Partners will use best efforts to resolve all issues relating to configuration and installation of the software and licenses, and any issues related to various redundant and server farm configurations. In the event a partner is unable to resolve the technical issue, the partner will gather sufficient data from the customer to allow GraphOn to efficiently identify, reproduce, and resolve the issue, and to initiate a support case request via the GraphOn Portal.

Hours of Technical Support

Technical support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (EST), Monday through Friday. (USA holidays excluded.) Generally speaking, authorized partners are obligated to offer support hours similar to GraphOn in their respective local time zone.

Response Time

GraphOn will use all reasonable efforts to respond to support inquiries in accordance with the chart below. Response times may vary based on the volume and nature of incidents reported and is not guaranteed. “Response” is defined as acknowledgement of the support request and assignment of the request to an appropriate resource for further communication. Customers will receive a valid case number through email.

Priority Level 1 – Critical: One or more of the following situations apply to the deployed applications or application development project and no work-around is available: system is unusable, system crashes under normal use, normal use causes data corruption.Response within 2 business hours of the problem being received. For errors classified as Critical, GraphOn will use constant effort to create a work-around or temporary solution.
Priority Level 2 – Major: A major part of the overall functionality of the Software is unavailable. The error(s) seriously affects the functionality of the GraphOn Software or disrupts the functionality to the extent that such systems can only be used with reduced functionality or capacity.Response within 4 business hours of the problem being received. For errors classified as Major, GraphOn will, until completion of a temporary solution, report the progress of the correction work.
Priority Level 3 – Minor: Technical questions impacting the progress of a development project. An available work-around is acceptable. The error has no significant effect on the functionality of the GraphOn Software or the usability of the end user documentation. Response within 2 business days of the problem being received.
Priority Level 4 – Informational: Questions, low priority requests for information, reporting of inconsistencies between the Software and documentation, and requests for enhancements. Response within 3 business days of the problem being received.

Software Maintenance

Customers are eligible to receive certain software updates that GraphOn determines are necessary for proper system operation. This includes critical bug fixes, security patches, and maintenance patches. While most updates will appear seamless to end users, and many updates will download and install automatically, they will sometimes require a system administrator to download and install the update. In some cases, a system reboot or other action will be required.

It is GraphOn’s practice to support the current version of the Software and the immediate prior release, that is, the latest release of the Software that has a lower major or minor version number than the current release. The current support phase for all versions of GO-Global are documented in the Support Phases and Release History document. Each new release of the Software constitutes written notice of GraphOn’s intent to terminate support for the earliest release presently being supported, unless GraphOn agrees otherwise, in writing, with respect to a specific earlier release.

GO-Global’s version number includes the software’s major version, minor version, service pack version, and build number. For example, in version, 6 is the major version, 1 is the minor version, 2 is the service pack version, and 37897 is the build number.

The build number is increased in all GO-Global releases. A release in which only the build number is increased is a Patch. Patch releases generally include targeted fixes for urgent issues and product defects.

The service pack number is increased in Service Pack releases. Service Pack releases contain bug fixes, and include any fixes released in preceding Patch releases. In addition, Service Pack releases may include support for new platforms and minor enhancements.

The minor version number is increased in Feature Upgrades. Feature Upgrades include significant feature additions or alterations. Feature Upgrades also include bug fixes and security improvements, including any changes released in preceding Service Pack and Patch releases. Feature Upgrades generally include changes to administration user interfaces but do not make significant changes to the way end users interact with the product.

The major version number is increased in Major Upgrades. Major Upgrades include significant changes to GO-Global’s underlying architecture or its user interface. They also include significant feature additions and bug fixes, including all the features and fixes released in preceding Feature Upgrades, Service Packs, and Patches.

GO-Global’s Windows® Compatibility Assurance feature gives administrators the option to automatically defer installation of Windows Updates until GraphOn has verified that the updates are compatible with GO-Global. To support this, GraphOn continuously monitors Microsoft’s Windows Update service for new updates. When Microsoft® releases one or more Windows Updates, GO-Global suspends installation of all Windows Updates on affected GO-Global hosts until GraphOn has verified that the newly-released Windows Updates are compatible with GO-Global. If an update is incompatible, GO-Global prevents installation of all Windows Updates on the affected hosts until GO-Global has automatically downloaded and installed an update that is compatible with all Windows Update releases. Through this process, Windows Compatibility Assurance minimizes the risk of incompatibilities and relieves administrators of the burdens of managing Windows Updates on GO-Global hosts.

Test results for GO-Global’s Windows Update Compatibility can be viewed from the customer portal.

There are three types of GO-Global Updates: Critical, Recommended, and Optional.

Critical updates are changes that are required for GO-Global to run on the latest releases of Microsoft Windows. Critical updates do not include functionality changes. They generally only replace a few binary files on the host.

Recommended updates are changes that fix GO-Global defects and usability issues. They generally do not include user interface changes unless a user interface change is necessary to fix an important defect. Recommended updates generally replace all of GO-Global’s binary files.

Optional updates are changes that add new features and functionality to GO-Global. Optional updates generally replace all of GO-Global’s binary files.

GO-Global will only automatically download and install critical GO-Global Updates if the Windows Compatibility Assurance option is enabled. By default, GO-Global defers installation of Windows Updates until they have been certified by GraphOn.

Specific Exclusions

GraphOn technical support does not include the following:

  • Manual customization of the Software or system configurations.
  • Application of the Software for any purpose for which it was not designed or intended.
  • Troubleshooting of unsupported operating systems.
  • Configurations that deviate from the supported examples as outlined in Software documentation.
  • Troubleshooting or resolution of issues related to internet access quality, bandwidth, or other issues related to the customer’s ISP (internet service provider).

GraphOn reserves the right to deny or withhold Support under the following conditions:

  • If modifications are made to the Software that compromise GraphOn’s ability to support it.
  • If tools, commands, or other methods of program configuration are used that are not specifically provided by GraphOn or recommended by GraphOn technical support.
  • If the connection to the Software is closed down or not made available to GraphOn technical support.
  • If changes are made to any software included with the Software, including, but not limited to, altering the versions of the OS or any other supporting libraries or packages.
  • If additional kernel modules are installed or alterations are made to the operating system.
  • At GraphOn’s discretion, if a customer or a customer’s representative acts in an abusive or otherwise inappropriate manner.

Assistance outside the scope of the Support Contract may be provided at GraphOn’s discretion and may be charged as professional services using prevailing hourly rates.